Welcome to the home of the best beef jerky product on the market!
No added preservatives
Hand cut from solid pieces of beef
Natural style jerky, just like homemade
Thick, pieces of real beef, not thin processed pieces like major brands of beef jerky 
Customer satisfaction is our #1 priority
 Riley's Jerky has been a family owned and operated business since it was founded by Riley in 1981.
Every piece of our natural style beef jerky is cut by hand from the leanest beef available and is given an overnight soak in our marinades so that the flavor can be absorbed through the entire piece of beef.
After slowly drying the meat for 20 hours, the jerky is packaged and ready to ship to our customers.
We use only naturally grown spices and DO NOT ADD ANY PRESERVATIVES to our beef jerky recipes.
Every single piece of our beef jerky is hand cut from solid pieces of whole muscle beef which gives it a thick, home made style for every piece we produce. This texture and our long marination process results in jerky full of beef and marinade flavor. The style of our beef jerky also results in even our smallest bag being a meal rather than just a snack. We offer six tantalizing flavors. Whether you are a beef jerky lover or someone who simply likes to snack, you will not be disappointed in our product. Our jerky is tasty, filling, and we offer a variety of flavors resulting in one of the best beef jerky products out there. Combine these qualities with our commitment to customer service and it is a recipe for consumer pleasure. Try it and it just may become part of your everyday life!
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