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Q: How long has Riley's Jerky been in operation?
A:  Riley's Jerky has been a family owned and operated business since 1981, however Riley's first official invoice dates 1/23/1980.
Q: Is every piece of your natural style beef jerky really cut by hand?
A: Yes. Every single piece of our beef jerky is trimmed and cut by hand.
Q: Can I use credit/debit cards as a form of payment?
A:  YES! We have online ordering set up for your convenience where credit/debit/paypal are all forms of payment.
Q: How long does Riley's Jerky last?
A: Riley's Jerky will last a very long time even though we add no preservatives to our recipes. However, we inform our customers that it retains its fantastic texture and flavor for about 4 months before it begins to fade.
Q: Where can I find stores who carry Riley's Jerky?
A: Riley's Jerky currently services mostly Northern California with distributors located throughout the state. We are looking to expand so if you live in an area where you can not find it please request it in stores in your area.
Q: Does Riley's Jerky contain MSG, Sodium Nitrite or any other added preservatives?
A: Absolutely not. We add no preservatives. However there is a small amount of sodium benzoate ( less than 1/10th of 1% ) in the soy sauce and teriyaki sauce that we use.